Tuesday, June 7, 2016

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     Well this blog post is a day late, but I have a lot of exciting things going on right now. I will be moving to a new home in a few weeks so blog updates will probably be sporadic until I get settled in the new place. I have had lots of commissions that have been keeping me busy which is awesome, but I have been a little slower working on my own projects. I should have some more time again once I am settled.

          So I have been working on my English Bulldog breed portrait. Here is the update. It looks like not much is done, but those eyes took forever because they are not shaped like normal eyes and all the folds make for a more complex subject. Overall, he is coming along nicely though will probably take a while to complete.

Next I am starting to Zentangle more. It is a perfect style for people that like to add intricate details like I do. Normally Zentangling or Zendoodles are done on paper with pen, I am of course trying it digitally, here is a peacock that I am starting to color but will take a long while to complete.

On that same note, here is a leopard gecko that I am starting to Tangle. I found a wonderful book at Joanns Fabrics the other day called Tangle Easy Wildlife Designs by Ben Kwok. It isn't another Adult Coloring book. It is a book to teach you how to make your own intricate design patterns like those found in adult coloring books. It comes with instructions, templates and inspirational examples. Best of all, these templates are copyright free and are able to be used to complete art to sell. I also became a part of the Facebook Group, Ornation Creation, which is a group created by the author and has many, many templates to choose from. I am very excited to try out this new art style and see where it takes me. 

 Tangle Easy Wildlife Designs

     Anyways, lots of new things to try and a new home to go to so I will definitely be busy the next few weeks. 

Thanks for looking!

--Becky Herrera

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