Thursday, March 2, 2017

New Limited Time Promotion!

     Well it has been awhile since I posted but, hey life gets in the way! Anyways, I wanted to bring to you guys a new limited time promotion for one of my paintings on my website. Best Friends is going to be on sale for nearly half off regular price until 3/7/17! Only $100 for a nice sized canvas print. Limited to 5 prints at this price.

Here is the link to the promotion :

Limited Time Promotion

Thanks for looking!

Becky Herrera
Society6 Store
Redbubble Store

Friday, October 28, 2016

New Artwork and STILL Uploading my backlog to RedBubble

     Well what have I been up to? I've had limited time to work on my projects but have been getting bits and pieces done here and there. I have been working on some commissions which are surprises and will be revealed once they get to the recipients. My main project I have been working on though is getting my back log of work up on my new Redbubble store. I have to admit though, that the Redbubble uploader is MUCH easier and quicker than Society6. I have been sprucing up my Society6 store so that all the t shirts look nice, but man, what a pain in the butt! On a good day, it takes time as Society6 is slow, but it seems half the time the site is having issues and bugs and not working the way it should. Let me know how it looks on your end as I've had issues with incorrect pricing and images not even showing up. Not pleasant, nor a good impression. We will stick it out though.
     Since I am also getting Redbubble up and running and sprucing up Society6, I have also decided to add the T-shirts to my Fine Art America store as well as my own website, I am editing the current images to look more appealing on a t-shirt format. Thanks to GIMP and an app called Photoscape X, that is turning out relatively easy.
I have also added a link to my Redbubble store in the menu bar next to Society6  here on this blog. You should be able to easily access the respective stores and have a look around on either site.
Here are links to the stores if you want to check them out here: BHDigitalArt for Redbubble and Becky's Digital Art, for Society6.

Tattoo Rose

     Lastly, my latest completed artwork is another zentangle inspired creation, I call it Tattoo Rose as it reminds me of a rose styled tattoo. Here is the black and white version of Tattoo Rose. I am also in the process of adding color to it as well.

   I have a few more projects in the works, but I am really liking this dreamcatcher doodle that I started. I will be adding color to it as well and I think that it will look great on some of the products offered at both the Redbubble and Society6 stores.
Dreamcatcher Doodle

I haven't worked realistically in awhile as I am loving the looseness offered by doodles but I do have a portrait sketched out of a famous icon. I haven't done a people portrait in a while so that should be fun and different.

     Anyways that is all for now. This was just a quick update on whats up. Check out the stores if you want or check out my Facebook Page. I offer discounts and special promotions so come on by.

BHDigitalArt Redbubble Store

Becky's Digital Art Society6 Store

Thanks for stopping by!

--Becky Herrera

Monday, October 17, 2016

Becky's Digital Art is now on Redbubble and Quick Comparison of the Various Print on Demand Sites

     I have been wanting to get on more POD stores for a while. My main store of course is Fine Art America and my website directs to them. FAA is a great platform and there focus is mostly fine art prints of which have all been stellar and spot on color reproductions. I wanted to be able to print on more items though, and while FAA does have items like tote bags and throw pillows, it is still hard to get a following there. There are so many artists on FAA, that newcomers get lost in the crowd. I have done searches using my tags and still don't pop up in the searches, so I know it is going to be difficult to get found by the random buyer there. I do promote my site quite a bit and I attribute those random sales to that. Most of my sales there are custom commissions which I have printed through them because of the quality of the end product. That quality though comes at a price though and FAA isn't cheap. In fact their pricing may even deter some potential customers and their shipping is pretty expensive I find. I do like that I can have my own website through them and they have a lot of tools for marketing. Another nice thing about FAA is the uploading process is simple and efficient and I rarely have trouble with the website itself. Here is a link to my website that is linked to my FAA profile, One unique item that FAA has that the other PODs don't is the weekender tote bag, It is a really cool larger tote bag that could double as a beach bag or overnight bag. 

    Moving on, the next POD I have been on for awhile is Society6. Society6 caters to the younger crowd and has ton of different options for their product lines. While you can get your typical fine art prints at Society6, they really shine in the unique products that can have art printed on. They have t-shirts, hoodies, iPad, Phone and laptop cases and skins, mugs, tote bags, pillows throw blankets and more. They are also a bit cheaper, so it is easier on the budget. They have sales very frequently and also offer free shipping occasionally, which is a huge bonus. The profit margins are decent, but not spectacular. I do like that they recently revamped their uploading process because it used to be a huge pain uploading various resized and cropped images to fit the various products for sale. That being said, I have had huge issues with their site being randomly down, displaying incorrect pricing, not being able to upload or having all my tags and info disappear. I attribute this to the introduction of the new uploader, but I have had issues with incorrect pricing and not showing new items in the past. I still like Society6 and will continue to use them. I took a long time for me to get my first sale on their site, but it finally happened! Hopefully as I get more items up I will be found more easily in the searches.

A Line Dress

Drawstring Bag
     Now on to the newest POD site I am on, Red Bubble! I just set up an account with them a few days ago and have only uploaded a handful of images, but in that time, I have already had a sale! That is already a bonus for this site. I have also done searches for my items using the tags that I put on the art and low and behold, I come up in the searches and pretty high too on some products. That there is a huge bonus and hopefully will help sales. They have a ton of products available, such as hoodies, t-shirts bags and even dresses. Below are some samples of the products available already on my store. I will be uploading all my old artwork as well as new items in the coming weeks. It is so easy to upload and customize the different products and I have had pretty much no trouble at all with their site unlike Society6. There are many more products available and I will make the effort to have my art represented on each product the best I can. I already have a link to my Red Bubble store here on my blog, up in the menu bar next to Society6. There you can click on the various links to all the different products available. Pricing is good and they also offer frequent sales and free shipping. I have not yet purchased an actual product from them yet, but I will soon to test the quality and buyer experience. They do get good reviews and have a money back guarantee, so I am confident that the experience and quality will be great. Let me know what you think?


Women's Scoop Neck Tee

In the future, I have my eyes set on Zazzle, Imagekind, Cafepress, Threadless and a few other sites, but it will take time. I will update my experiences as I go. For now check out my RedbubbleSociety6 and Fine Art America sites and let me know what you think.

Thanks for stopping by!

--Becky Herrera